About Us

ShopperInput is a locally produced multi-purpose online solution App, developed by Ethos Integrated Solutions, which was established in the UAE in 2004 and has since evolved into the leading provider in delivering customer service excellence across the Middle East. With more than 250,000 mystery shopping visits completed by thousands of shoppers, Ethos Integrated Solutions has gained the experience which enables us to provide cost effective solutions to all our customers.
At ShopperInput, our clients are the core of our business. The idea is to satisfy our clients’ needs by satisfying their customers’ needs.
Our mission is to provide companies with distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their overall business performance by enchasing their customer service experiences.
ShopperInput is a cloud based product which is available online via a mobile application and it is the first of its kind in the region. By using the ShopperInput app, shoppers provide clients with real time feedback based on their experiences and get paid for it. Clients also have the ability to track the shopper’s location with the help of the GPS system built in to the app which shoppers use to check-in at a particular location.

ShopperInput will assign businesses with a dedicated team who will assist them in choosing a suitable package and provide them with necessary information. Clients should be aware that ShopperInput does allow for flexible pricing and there is no minimum payment required.

ShopperInput – our one stop solution for all your mystery shopping needs.

“A Sale Is Not Something You Pursue; It’s What Happens To You While You Are Serving Your Customer.”
John Tschohl