How It Works For Shoppers

1. Download the app


Download the app now and get started with assignments.


2. Find assignments


ShopperInput app allows you to find the available assignments in your immediate area at any time.


3. Submit your feedback


Check–in at the location and simply submit your feedback directly through your smartphone.


4. Get paid


After successfully completing the assignment, Shoppers get PAID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shoppers pose as normal customers and perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way – then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences and get paid for it.

Also Known As: Secret Shopping, Customer Service Audits

ShopperInput is a mystery shopping application, – the first of its kind in the region! It is designed to link companies to a large pool of Shoppers. You can find mystery shopping jobs in your location, fill the questionnaire right from your mobile and get paid for it.

No formal qualifications are required, however you must be able to speak, read and write English competently, with good grammar and punctuation for report writing. You must have an iOS or Android phone to download the app.

ShopperInput pays you to Shop. You do not have to pay to become a mystery shopper.

All you need to start working with ShopperInput is an iOS or Android Smartphone with a working data plan.

Download the ShopperInput app on your iOS / Android phone
Register and login on our app /website
Search and select assignments
Read your instructions
Visit and check – in in the outlet
Evaluate the outlet
Submit your results
Get paid

ShopperInput has three types of mystery shopping assignments you can do:

  • Mystery shopping visit – Mystery shopper has to physically visit the location and evaluate the customer service skills, quality of service received, and overall staff performance.
  • Mystery shopping call – Mystery shopper has to make a phone call to evaluate employees’ customer service skills over the phone.
  • Mystery shopping for website – website address is provided. Being a potential shopper you would need to browse the given website, check if all links are working, and if the website contact us page is working to the customers convenience, to help the company to determine the level of response in total.

Our online job selection system is built for your convenience. It will allow you to search for assignments in your available area, at any time through the GPS connection in your Smartphone.

Turn on the GPS -> Open the app -> search -> select from the map according to your location preference – > get started

ShopperInput app allows you to search for available assignments in your immediate area, at any time through the GPS connection on your Smartphone. Based on the company’s requirements, the assignments will be made available in particular areas. All ShopperInput assignments will only be available inside UAE borders.

You can do mystery shopping call and mystery shopping for website from your home.
(refer Q7 to understand what is ‘mystery shopping for website, mystery shopping call’ )

  • Review the guidelines, report forms and other materials before the shop.
  • Get to know the client
  • Check-in in required locations
  • Do the report immediately after the shopping
  • Answer every question on the report as accurately as possible
  • Include all required comments and narratives, make sure they are consistent with the answers to the questions
  • When the company provides a style guide, follow it.
  • Verify that your comments are objective and not opinions
  • Carefully proofread your comments to check spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Submit any required documentation, such as receipts, business cards etc.
  • Get your reports in before the deadline.
When a shopper registers 15 points
When a shopper links his or her social account (Google or Facebook) 5 points
When a shopper refers to another shopper who completes the first assignment 10 points
When a shopper completes his or her profile 10 points
When a shopper submits his or her first assignment 50 points
When a shopper submits an assignment 10 points
When a shopper’s assignment is rated POOR by the client -3 points
When a shopper’s assignment is rated EXCEPTIONAL by the client 5 points
When a shopper’s assignment is rated SATISFACTORY by the client 0 points
When a client returns an assignment back to the shopper for rework -1 point
When assignment has not been completed within deadline and has been released from your account automatically. -3 points

There are no minimum assignments that need to be completed. You simply get paid for the number of assignments that are done. More assignments, more money.

Assignments vary in length of time depending on the type of mystery shop, company’s industry, amount of questions in report.

The companies, whose assignments will be accepted and completed by you, will decide the amount of money as each assignment varies, depending on its length and complexity. The amount will be displayed when searching, before accepting the assignment.

Make sure that you:-

  • Check the location, contact number and/ or website address.
  • Confirm the person/staff to be evaluated. (agent, teller, sales executive, manager etc)
  • Check the purpose of doing the mystery shopping.
  • Read the provided questionnaire and scenario thoroughly before any mystery shopping.

As part of the assignment you might be asked to make a purchase, therefore you would need to keep your receipt and send it to us when requested as proof of your visit and purchase or in some cases you might have to return it back to the store (example, in case of measuring companies refunds policy). Your purchase will be refunded back to you, once you provide us with the receipt for the same.

You have to submit your feedback within 2 days after accepting an assignment.(Refer ShopperInput app).

If you have accepted an assignment, but you realise that you will not be able to complete it in the allotted time, or before the deadline, click on the “release” button which is placed next to the assignment information without any further delay.

Yes, the App tracks the location as the shopper is required to check-in at the location at which they are going to mystery shop.
How to check-in at required location:

  • When you have reached the required location, turn on your GPS.
  • Open the assignment on your Smartphone, click on the button labelled, “ I’m at this Location ”
  • This will be tracked and recorded by ShopperInput app in their system.

If you were unable to complete the assignment based on the location specified then please contact us on before filling in the assignment details.

Please fill in the report to the best you can and comment to a client about the problem you were faced with. If you still tend to have any doubts about the questionnaires, please contact us via e-mail on

The assignment could be rejected because the report did not match the assignment details. If your performed assignment is rejected, you will receive a push notification with the valid reasoning as to why your submitted assignment was rejected. If the company rejects your report, it will be stated as an invalid assignment and hence, you unfortunately will not get paid for it.